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What this is...

ArdenReich is an idea for an Ultima Online Freeshard. It is inspired by the few german Roleplay-Shards that are still left.

I am aware Ultima Online is, because of its age and outdatedness, a dying - if not dead - game. I still like to document my concept of the shard I always wanted to play on.

Warum auf Englisch? ("Why english?" explanation in Krautish.)

Sehe ich mir die Spielerbasis der aktuellen deutschen Shards an, dann fällt mir schnell auf, dass die Zielgruppe ziemlich gering ist und langsam aber Dramatisch ausstirbt. Auch war es immer ziemlich schwer, Scripter/Techniker zu finden. Dies gilt zwar nicht nur für den deutschen Raum, doch erhoffe ich mir mehr Erfolg, indem ich sozusagen "einen weiteren Horizont absuche".
Außerdem erspare ich mir vielleicht mehr Drama in der Community dadurch.

The Setting

ArdenReich is supposed to become a "High Realism Roleplay Shard". There will not be magic (but alchemy, so you could still throw incendiary bombs), nor will there be monsters (apart from unnaturally large spiders and rats - but no skeletons, ettins or lichs!), nor any special races like elves, dwarves, vampires or gargoyles.
This might be a deal breaker for you, but there is other shards that supply you with your urges regarding that.
Instead, you will have to work together with other players to build a civilization from nothing, solve issues and fight for your lives, because those will matter. With one wrong decision, you can lose EVERYHING - because permadeath. ;)

Available Ressources

I own (rented-vise) a root/dedicated server. On it is a VM with some Version of ServUO installed. It ran some weeks ago and I played around with it a bit.
Another VM acts as a Web-, Mail- and Teamspeak-server.

This means the technical headstone is layed.


This is a list of People I guess I need to finish this project in a reasonable amount of time.
Sadly I'm not rich and this project is not supposed to generate any income, so there will be no payment. If you want to join anyways, feel free to contact me (NMND) on the echstreme Discord. ;)


Is done. Needs doing.

Create and fill a Website-ToDo.
Add FAQ.
Add Forum.
Change NavButton Order.


Shoutout mainly goes out to 7wind, where I started playing Ultima Online about 15 years ago and where I am reappearing once in a while.

More shoutouts go to and the ServUO-Discord.

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