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These Rules are mainly a draft and open for changes and discussion.


Back in the day, I was always raging about several social aspects of the shards - and about the limitations their rules set upon me, the player.

So I thought about how I would like my own server. I wanted it to be a RolePlay-Shard. But what I did not like was outGame-rules to annoy me inGame. I wanted to build everywhere without having to ask the staff for approval. I wanted to thief into a store and rob it dry.
Of course, now I am a bit older and realize there need to be some rules to guarantee a "fair" experience for everyone.

Please keep in mind these rules are due to change and just an idea. You can discuss those on discord. Fixed rules are marked by an * and will not be discussed with randoms. ;)



If not stated differently, a rulebreak will lead to punishment.
Punishment can be in form of a warning, a temporary ban - or a full ban, depending on the issue.
For "failed RP" like listening through walls, unfair "Poweremotes" or trading without RP (because of oG contacts), there will be a different punishment: You will play an animal of our choice for a set amount of time. You will not be able to speak - depending on your "crime" you will be unable to attack. Once you played the animal for enough time, you can apply for getting unpetted. (That idea I got from the BDSM-Scene as well. #petplay :P )

The Rulez

  1. There will only be one account and one character of one folk for each player. Multiaccounting is bannable.
  2. Everyone has to stay inCharacter all time. - There will be a special area you can go to if there is a total noob or an issue you need to solve via OOC-Chat. RP for you and your RPartner can be stopped via the word "Mayday". - I stole that from the BDSM-Scene. :P
  3. We do not permit references to RealLife, this includes symbols and slogans - especially those of political nature.* Those will lead to an immediate ban.
  4. Breaking in somewhere will have to be played out properly, even while alone. You can call Support to watch you - or record a video of it. Or you are in company of a masterthief.
  5. There will be a few Classes/Titles a player can earn. For example the "Master Thief" after an undecided amount of breakins under Support-Surveillance.
  6. Players will need to be able to express themselves properly in english. Other languages may not be tolerated. (There was the idea of having different folks for different languages. Like espanol+english for "Pirates" and german/nordic languages for Norsefolk.)
  7. Players will have to be of the age of 18 and higher, because violence and stuff.
  8. inGame-Sex: There is not yet any decision against it. If you keep it to a private area, no one might care. If there is watchers - or if it is rape, you might be banned.
  9. Poweremotes ("Punches you.") will always be deemed attempts unless verified by engine.
  10. "Crossgaming" (this rule may be irrelevant as long as there is a 1-char-rule): You are not allowed to move or sell stuff explicitly from one of your characters to another of your characters, not even through a middleman. This is bannable, even for the middleman. This rule may not be followed if there are not many players online - it can not be a gift though and a middleman IS required. You are free to sell to an NPC and buy from the same NPC, though (Because of the added price).

The Consequences

These are inGame consequences your character may want to avoid by following the laws:

  1. Buildings can be burned or torn down by greater force.
  2. Characters may be captured, wounded, scarred, severely wounded (including the removal of limbs and digits), tortured (keep it clean! or else!) and even killed in various ways. You are not required to emote or react when getting killed.
    1. Your character can not be captured for more than 24 hours unless you are provided with RP. A capturer has to check on her/his captured every so often, bring food and emote. If that isn't proven in the logs, the captured may be able to flee.
  3. Characters of chosen-by-players diversity (appearance, jobs, groups) may be outlawed and prosecuted/pursued - within the sense of the roleplay and within the rules. (If the orcs decide hobbit is on the menu, you may want to run if you have hair on your toes...)

The Privileges

These are things every character is allowed to do, if he can take the inGame consequences.

  1. You are free to send in a proper background for a religion and try to recruit believers.
  2. You are free to create a guild/clan/group within the sense of the roleplay and within the rules.
  3. You are free to build wherever you want.
  4. You are free to raid any settlement or housing.

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