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Set Sail!

Or: A guide on how to start.

This page shall guide you through our/my planned steps before your inGame experience begins.

Creating an Account

This is yet undecided.
You will create an account and tell us some stuff about the shards backstory, so we know you read through all that "crap". :P
You may also tell us about your RolePlay-Experience, so we can put you into the correct group in the following step.

Creating your Test-Char

Your first character will be a simple one, you don't need to put much thought into it, because he will just serve for this one purpose: To learn, evaluate and improve your Roleplay-Skills.
But don't worry, if you don't know what you're doing, we got your back. We will have a little boot camp, where we explain things for you.
If you're ready, the scenario begins:
Most likely you're a soldier, an archer or a healer. This character will be attacking a city. Some of you will be injured, killed or captured, some of you will have to heal the injured. Maybe your group will be victorious - but I would not bet on that. :P
If you're doing very well, you might get more "points" for better gear for your RP character.

Creating a Character

This is yet undecided.
I guess you will need to write a little backstory of your character, choose some skills and a character image.
This character will have to be activated and prepared by staff.
Your character will be equipped as you described him/her* - minus a harsh shiptravel. The activators may add some lines to the end of the story, what happened to your character on sea. Maybe you will weak up on a beach or on a boat in the harbour. Your cloth might be wet and ragged and your goldbag dry as your salty throat. Staff my have a randomizer tool for that and your additional storylines may be a bit wonky due to automation.

Attention: We will NOT give you everything you ask for. You may keep an amulet your mother gave you - or a nice dagger you stole before boarding the ship. "Decorated soldiers" will maybe get an additional item - or a sharper sword. A less harsh travel. Maybe a little stop at a trading harbour. Nothing gamebreaking, but we want to value your RP-effort.


*Genders/Races: Sorry, there will be only male/female humans. You can crossdress or play a hermaphrodite or nonhetero-person if you like, but don't expect gender equality in a medieval fantasy world! You will have to fend for yourself and might even be burned - or be successful and feminize the whole gameworld.
"Pay2play": I am considering adding a donation-button for those that want to speed this process up. This donation will NOT be refundable and will NOT help you avoid any punishment. This donation will also be used to improve the server by paying coders and designers or just the server rent.

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